Woody Roux specializes in the supply of strips ash from french sawmills, these wood are narrow board lumber used to make flooring strips edged, pieces of furnitures or barrel elements.

Timber from french sawmills

Cut to size according to your needs

Packed by bundle

Strips ash


Sections :

Thickness :  27 – 34 – 41 – 50 mm

Width : 50 – 60 – 70 – 80 – 100 mm 

Quality : QF1a/1b/2/3/4 – X – XX


Woody Roux est une entreprise fondée en 1999 et issue d’une lignée d’experts dans l’industrie du bois dur. Nous assurons chaque année la négociation de plus de 10 000 mètres cubes de bois parmi plus de 1 000 scieries et partenaires 2ème transformation. Oak, the best known, recognised and appreciated species in France. Ideal for the manufacture of solid parquet, strips or furniture elements. Our edged oak planks are sold freshly sawn or kiln-dried. Our edged oak planks are cut to size on request. Woody Roux’s experience of international markets is now recognised in the timber industry. The flexible and resistant wood of ash is appreciated for its resistance to bending and shocks. It is often used for interior joinery, furniture, floor coverings, etc. Available cuts: blocks, edged timber, parquet flooring,…