reconstitued unedge beech

Reconstitued unedge beech are a set of beams obtained by sawing the log in length. They are extracted from lumber from the most beautiful forest in France.

    • Beech from french sawmills
    • Specially selected woods
plots reconstitues chêne


Sections : 

Origine : French forests

Length : to 3 m and +

Thickness : 20 à 100

Diameter : 40 and up

Quality : FBA / FB1 / FB2


Woody Roux is a company founded in 1999 and comes from a long line of experts in the hardwood industry. The block consists of a set of boards obtained by sawing a log lengthwise. We call “reconstituted” logs made from specifically selected logs. They are at least 3 metres long, mostly 4 metres and more, and are classified by diameter. WOODYROUX offers oak and various species of logs. Their qualities define their functions and uses: industry, fittings, renovation, parquet flooring, furniture, joinery. Our network has been built up over the last 20 years and facilitates our efforts in France and abroad to find the species, quality, section and length you are looking for. Reconstituted oak planks are a set of boards obtained by sawing a log lengthwise. They are extracted from wood from the most beautiful forests in France.