Woody Roux specializes in the supply of oak strips from french sawmills, oak strips are narrow board lumber used to make flooring strips edged, pieces of furnitures or barrel elements.

    • Strips edged from french sawmills
    • Cut to size according to your needs
    • Packed by bundle
oak strips


Sections :

Thickness : 27 – 34 – 41 – 50 mm

Width : 50 – 60 – 70 – 80 – 100 mm 

Quality : QF1a/1b/2/3/4 – X – XX

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Oak plots : Woodyroux offers plots from the most beautiful forests in France. Intended for industry, fittings, joinery or parquet flooring, the blocks are available quickly thanks to a large stock. Unmatched blocks are made up of a set of boards obtained by sawing a log lengthwise. Unmatched” is the term used to describe boards of homogeneous quality of 2 metres or more, the raw material of which comes from different logs. Depending on their qualities, mismatched planks are intended for industry, fitting out, renovation, parquet flooring, furniture or joinery. The large stock, kept and managed on the sawmill site itself, ensures a very high level of reactivity. Woody Roux wood trading and brokerage: coming from a line of experts in the hardwood industry, Alban Roux founded Woody Roux in 1999.