Our work, is timber trade.

Woody Roux has built a solid experience in timber trade nationally and internationally. By surrounding itself with compenent partners all over the world. We are committed in maintaining a special relationship with our suppliers and our customers . We visit suppliers’ factories and mills  to negotiate and control all goods to guarantee you high quality products. Nothing must escape us from an incompetent service.

Our core business, customized service.

Twenty years of expertise assures you of quality service par excellance.We shall supply you in France or overseas. However, if quality is the nature of  timber trade business, it is the customized approach we differ.

Contiguity allows us to react with agility to all your requests whatever your  deadlines are. The experience of our team is also a major asset in responding to all your requests in the shortest delay.

Are you looking for a certain wood specie ?

A specific classification ? call us !


négoce bois

Oak, the best known, recognised and appreciated species in France. Ideal for the manufacture of solid parquet, strips or furniture elements. Our edged oak planks are sold freshly sawn or kiln-dried. Our edged oak planks are cut to size on request. Woody Roux’s experience of international markets is now recognised in the timber industry. A rough solid edged board is a rectangular plank of wood (not planed or planed). Solid oak planks (unplaned and not planed). Sapwood-free quality, Burgundy Oak, 6 to 14 cm wide planks, kiln-dried to 10-12% moisture content (ready to use). Our planks are cut on request from our stock planks.