Edged beech

By definition, an edged beech is a section of quadratic wood by removing irregular edges with only 90° stops. This final product is the result of the first transformation of the wood industry : sawing.

Hardwood, resistant to insects and fungi, beech is intended for indoor use. Presented in the form of rectangular planks, and easy to work with, beech planks are appreciated for small joinery and cabinet making.

All our timber are sold fresh or kiln-dried.

– Beech from French sawmills

– Tailor-made flows rates

– Packaged on sticks or wood on wood

                                    – Consistent quality with a very good price-quality ratio

Edged beech


Sections : Edged Beech

Thickness : 41 – 50 – 54 – 65 – 75 – 100 mm

Width : 100 mm et +

Qualities : QF1a/1b/2/3/4 ; FF1a/1b/2/3/4



Our sawn timber is graded according to current standards and stored under a building, dried, packaged for dispatch or processed in our sawing workshop (sawn timber, sawn to list, etc.). The sawn timber is a quality technical solution for numerous applications in interior fittings and joinery. Hardwood, resistant to insects and fungi but sensitive to weather conditions, beech is mainly intended for the following uses 

Woody Roux is a company founded in 1999 and comes from a long line of experts in the hardwood industry. Every year, we handle the negotiation of more than 10,000 cubic metres of wood among more than 1,000 sawmills and 2nd transformation partners.